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The Best White Jeans for Men Are Crisp, Classic, and Cool All Year Round

The best white jeans for men are more like the best jeansperiod—and no matter what time of year it is, they’re always in style. The misbegotten notion that denim of any color should be relegated to the brief period between major national holidays? Forget it. When we say that white jeans are jeans first, and you can wear them from the dog days of summer to the doldrums of winter, we mean it. 

Which is good news, because there’s never been a better time to buy a pair. You could start with Levi’s—the first name in capital-J Jeans of every kind—but do enough digging and you’ll also encounter myriad options from brands big and small, each with something slightly different to say. As for how to wear them? Easy: white always looks great with more white, whether you’re reaching for a crisp white tee fresh from the cleaners or your most tattered, stage dive-ready vintage joint. And just like your favorite pair of chinos, white jeans sync up seamlessly with loafers, especially if the loafers involved take full advantage of footwear’s wild-style moment. (That said, white jeans with black loafers? Easy money all year long.) 

To help you kick those outdated sartorial conventions to the curb, we rounded up the absolute best white jeans for men on the market right now. No matter when you decide to break ‘em out—or in the case of those heavyweight selvedge options, break ‘em in—they’re going to look killer long after Labor Day’s passed.

There’s simply nothing wrong with a pair of 501s, no matter how you slice it. The fit? Always in style, straight down from the hip. The quality? Guaranteed to last you through the next four hype cycles, at least. The color? A crisp white that you can dress up with a blazer, or throw caution to the wind and let Mother Nature add its own patina to. And at less than $50, you can afford to re-up should you encounter some rogue BBQ sauce at your next summertime throw down.

Some stretch jeans can veer into unintentional jeggings territory, but these Japanese selvedge joints from the Americana masters at Todd Snyder are decidedly not skinny. The trim thigh tapers elegantly down to the ankle, a sophisticated, slim-but-not-too-slim cut ideal for what we like to call “first impression flexing.” You’ll stand out from the blue jean masses without scaring anyone off by coming in too swervy right from the jump.

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