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The 15 Best Plain White T-Shirts to Buy in Bulk

Trying to choose the best plain white t-shirt is like trying to choose the “best” bottle of red wine. What’s that even mean, when there’s such a dizzying number of variations? Buying a fresh one means figuring out how you feel about fit and shape and cut—and all sorts of smaller details, too. Do you want short guns-baring sleeves or bigger, boxier ones? A traditional straight hem or a curved hem for a less-basic untucked look? 

There’s no unicorn “best” plain white t-shirt that tops them all (though if we hear otherwise, we’ll let you know). And to be honest, that’s a good thing.Which is good news, because there’s never been a better time to buy a pair. You could start with Levi’s—the first name in capital-J Jeans of every kind—but do enough digging and you’ll also encounter

That’s why we’ve sifted through an endless piled of plain white t-shirts to turn up our 17 favorites. Slim-fit white tees, beefy tees, platonic-ideal pocket tees, everyday undershirt tees, and even a workout-ready white tee. Whatever your plain white tee preference, we’ve got you. So allow us, the sommeliers of plain white t-shirts, to guide you through our tee list.

Uniqlo’s main line is great if you’re on the hunt for a quality everyday tee, but if you’re looking for an option with a little more flavor, Christophe Lemaire’s take is for you. It still sticks the landing in terms of affordability (it’s Uniqlo, after all), but the sleeves are longer, the chest is wider, and the vibes are significantly vibier.

Reigning Champ has been churning out beefy cotton bangers for 15 years, and it applies the same level of care to its tees as it does to its world-class sweatshirts. A 2-pack will run you a clean 100 bucks, but for that money you’re getting made-in-Canada, ultra-durable goodness with reinforced collars that won’t get all noodly after a few washes.

We have nothing but respect for anyone willing to brave the bins in search of the ever-elusive, perfectly-fitting vintage pocket tee. But if you’re short on time, rest easy knowing John Elliott put in the legwork for you. The designer’s retro-indebted T-shirt is cut from a slubby cotton with a touch of distressing around the neck, and incorporates vintage-inspired stitching that solidify his commitment to the cause. Oh, and the distressing is unique to each tee, so even if the whole squad apes your swag yours will still be yours alone.

No, you’re not dreaming: The people behind the sheets you sleep on also make a killer tee you’ll want to sleep in. Sleek, streamlined (no pesky tags here), and oh-so-soft, Brooklinen’s made-in-the-USA tee is designed for classic looks and peak comfort, 24/7.

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